We participate in architectural projects from the basic stages to the final concept in order to organize our ideas into a lighting planning that best expresses the project intent and the architectural concept.


01. Orientation for the project and building plans
02. Survey of the lighting environment at the project site.
03. Spatial and criterion structure analysis
Metropolis criterion,environment criterion
Artificial spatial criterion analysis,
Spatial criterion section plane schematic drawing.
04. Concept design
The construction,the space use the language the confirmation of the designs subject (prospect).
05. Conceptual design document manufacture illumination design outline,element utilization construction characteristic,landscape source material.

Concepts of lighting are translated into lighting effects to develop lighting techniques.


06. Lighting plan chart
Lighting plane,vertical surface chart
Ponder control loop disposition
07. Outline plans of control systems,operations and schedule.
Assigns control system the type,the kneading board type,the return route number,the load,adjusts to the light specification.

Various possibilities discussed during the preceding phases are further studied in details to investigate their feasibility.


08. Light fitting specifications
Outline layouts and performance specifications of the lighting fixtures.
09. Illuminance calculations.
10. Detail drawing
11. Outline cost estimations.
12. Provides the project bidding sheet,the complete set design

We are responsible for coordination and supervision of the construction work to confirm that the work is in accordance with the design plans.


13. Drawings prepared by manufacturers for production of the lighting fixtures are approved.
14. Quality tests of the lighting fixtures.On site execution inspection of the fixtures.
15. Examination of lighting effects at the site or by using a mock-up model.
16. Final adjustment and focus of the lighting immediately before completion.
17. Measurement and recording of reference design data.
Pursue excellence and quality in all aspects of our work.
Create a nurturing and collaborative environment .
Practice integrity and respect in our relationships.
Strive for profitability in order to re-invest in our people, resources, and ideas.
Practice in an environmentally responsible manner in all aspects of our work.




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