The variation of light and shadow in the space,emphasize the third dimention,the hiberarchy,the character of the object.

The picture knitted by light and shadow is different from the scape under the sun,create the four-dimensional space outside the three-dimensional space.
Perfect space frame makes different atmosphere and arrangement and more intimate among people.
No light ,no space.
Fine illumination makes space more comfortable.We are devoted to making people,light and space harmonious and creating good future for light
French Ronchamp Chapel dseigned by the master of architecture Le corbusier.
The different stained glass window controls the daylight,and creats a sacred heartquake light.
As the creator of city night piece,lighting keeps to continue the scape under the sun and makes a comfortable & beautiful living condition,making good use of bright & dark.
Light is the element allowing us to see the things around.



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